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Example: DeviantArt profiles are [YOURNAME].deviantart.com.
PHPBB board profiles are usually [siteurl]/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=[YOURNAME]

Will you link back to us for a chance to become a featured site?
We are going to check whether you actually link back or not. If you want to link back to us, specify the url where you will put your link, or we will just check your main url.
We will take a screenshot of your site for the site profile. Specify a link here, or we will just use the main URL.

Who's site would you like to add?

(Only select this for pages or forums that you actually own and run. Do not add links for profiles on sites like DeviantArt or MySpace - join those communities on Pixistar instead. )

Choose this option if you are adding a site for a friend or to credit an artist you like who is not on Pixistar. Or if you can't find a community in our database that you are a part of, and want to add it.
(I want my credit links to go here.)