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Cristiano(An edit of Catherine by DarthRio.) by DarthRio

Basic Info

thumbnail time Added:  5/27/2010 12:55:11 PM
heart  Favorites: 1
views Views: (2811 Views.)
Medium (100 - 250px)
Pixel Shaded - Dithered
Hyper-realistic (Like a photo, but with pixels.)
Edit made by Barananduen of DreamsByB.com. Based on Cristiano Ronaldo. Uploaded with B's permission.

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Rating: 4.50/5 (From 2 ratings.)
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Base is Cristiano by DarthRio. An edit of Catherine by DarthRio.

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Base Edit of Catherine by DarthRio

This base is an edit of:

Catherine by DarthRio

The rules for distributing this base edit are the same as the rules for the parent base by DarthRio. Remember to credit the original artist AND the editor when you use this base.

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